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Sunchip Group

2014 TruckSafe John Kelly Award finalist

Sunchip Group were a finalist in the 2014 Trucksafe John Kelly Memorial Award, the first logging company to become a finalist in this award

One of Australia's Largest Contractors

As one of Australia’s largest stand alone contractors, the Sunchip Group operation hauls up to 1.5 million tonnes of sustainable plantation forest per annum

30 trucks running 24 hours a day

Our state of the art operation requires a large range of new equipment and a fleet of World First ELPHINSTONE 19 meter Long length log trailers

Australian owned and operated

Sunchip Group currently operates in Queensland and New South Wales, employing over 90 people

Our history

Since conception in 1997, the Sunchip Group operation has grown to employ over 150 people throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Cementing itself as one of Australia’s largest stand alone contractors, Sunchip Group specialises in flat country unique harvesting and steep slope harvesting, boasting an impressive fleet of trucks and heavy equipment.


Spearheaded by Managing Director Mark Blackberry, Sunchip Group places a strong focus on the health and safety of it’s workers and suppliers, which was recognised by the ATA National Trucking Industry Awards, awarding Sunchip Group Runner Up in the 2014 Trucksafe John Kelly Memorial Award.


Managing Director Mark Blackberry’s commitment and contribution to the growth and development of the Australian Forest and Timber industry was recognised in 2016 when he was inducted into the Australian Forestry Contractors Association Hall of Fame.

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